Travelling will never be the same.

Retrip is an online platform that connects individual travellers to local city guides in the most efficient, authentic, and original way.

Why Retrip?

One way or another, Retrip is made for you.

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Unlike other platforms, our main focus is to build a strong sense of community.

At Retrip, we believe that the guide can enhance the experience more than the tour alone.

When you go to a restaurant, do you also believe that the service you receive will break or make your experience, no matter how the food tastes? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! This is precisely what Retrip is trying to achieve, but for city tours. By focusing on the people, the quality of the tours will follow.


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Still not convinced?

Let's check what the trends are nowadays!

  • "Engaging with local communities in a safe and respectful way will also be an important aspect of trips in the future, with tourists keen to learn and form human connections."

    Jenny Southan, editor & founder of travel trend (2021)
  • "I also think people will become more responsible and conscientious travellers—they will want to feel a greater connection to the places they visit by engaging with local communities, delving deeper into local experiences and supporting travel brands that prioritise and implement environmentally sustainable and of course safe practices."

    Bridget Arsenault (2020)
  • "Our experts agreed that travel will become more intentional going forward. “We definitely think people will be more appreciative and attracted to meaningful experiences, responsibility, the environment, and moments that bring people together to learn and grow from each other in the post-pandemic world,” says Whoa Travel’s Allison Fleece."

    Erin Riley (2020)
  • "The demand for trips that provide local experiences is growing rapidly. For the younger generation in particular, travel is about meeting locals, experiencing other cultures and traditions, and about learning new skills that can still be applied at home."

    Darmstadt (2020)
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